Ted Cruz: We Need ‘Strong Leaders Like Matt Rosendale’ Who Will Defend the Constitution

Matt Rosendale
AP/Bobby Caina Calvan

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote in an op-ed in the Flathead Beacon on Friday that we need “strong leaders like Matt Rosendale” who will defend the Constitution.

Sen. Cruz endorsed State auditor and rancher Matt Rosendale for the Montana Senate Republican primary in December. Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) also endorsed Rosendale for the June 5 Montana GOP primary.

Cruz wrote in his op-ed:

Matt has fought hard to shrink government and preserve liberty for Montanans during his time in the state Legislature, and more recently as state auditor. I know Matt is someone who gets things done, and he won’t shy away when it comes time to cast the tough votes.

It’s one thing to talk about cutting government spending, but Matt Rosendale has a proven record of real results. As a legislator, Matt voted to cut spending and balance the budget. As state auditor, he cut his operating costs by 23 percent and refused a taxpayer-funded pay hike when all other statewide elected officials took one.

Cruz added, “As the voices on the left continue to cry out for gun control, we need more strong leaders like Matt Rosendale, who are willing to stand up and defend our Constitutional rights.”

Sen. Cruz added that we need Rosendale in the U.S. Senate to completely repeal Obamacare.

The Texas senator said:

Matt brings an extensive understanding of health-care policy, a strong record of working to lower health-care costs, and a commitment to providing more affordable options for Montanans. Working together, we can rid the nation of this disastrous law and bring real reform that improves competition, choice, and access to truly affordable health care.

Sen. Paul wrote an op-ed in May that Rosendale is a “fearless conservative leader.”

In comparison to Rosendale’s conservative accolades, the state auditor’s primary opponent, Russell Fagg, admitted to and then backtracked on his support for an Internet sales tax.

Fagg admitted, “To answer your question directly, yes I would support an online sales tax.”

Rosendale leads his closest Republican primary opponent, Fagg, by more than double digits, according to a poll released by Club for Growth in April.

Forty-nine percent of Republican primary voters describe Rosendale as “very conservative,” along with 31 percent who label him “somewhat conservative.”

Sen. Cruz concluded, “I hope you will join me and support Matt Rosendale in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. He’s the type of courageous conservative we need taking the fight to Washington.”



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