Watch: Group Mocks Left-Wing’s Claim Human Rights Begin at Birth

A Canadian pro-life group has released a new video that comically rips the left-wing claim that unborn babies have no human rights, but they “magically” acquire them as they pass through the birth canal.

“Human rights – you may think you’ve always had yours, but you would be wrong,” the “fairy” story-teller begins. “So how did you get your human rights? From the magical birth canal of course!”

“Before the baby or fetus is born, it is not a human being – clearly,” she continues, holding a fully-formed baby. “But as it passes through the birth canal something amazing happens that transforms it into a person with human rights!”

Choice42 addresses the common claim by the abortion lobby and its media and political allies that babies have no human rights until the moment they are born.

Choice42 says it is “pro-woman, pro-baby, and pro-life.” Its slogan is “Make a choice you can both live with.”

“Our main objectives are to create awareness about the humanity of pre-born children, and to provide support to women who are facing unplanned pregnancy or dealing with post-abortion problems,” the group states on its website, which also “includes Canada’s largest nation-wide database of pregnancy help resources.”

“Babies in the womb are human beings from the moment of conception,” the group states. “Though modern science proves this, many Canadians still buy into the lie that a baby in the womb is a ‘blob’ or ‘clump of tissue’. We show the public what pre-born babies look like and what they are doing in the womb.”


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