’Force of Nature’ Donald Trump Campaigns in South Carolina After Storm Delay

Trump, S. Carolina
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Donald Trump arrived late to a campaign rally on Monday, but he appeared twice as energized to be back in South Carolina.

Air Force One was delayed for an hour due to a strong thunderstorm in the area, circling the airport before landing for a campaign rally in South Carolina for Republican Governor Henry McMaster.

“We were out at the airport waiting, and we were watching these forces of nature, there was lightning and there was the thunder and the storm and the rain and then it cleared,” McMaster said. “Air Force One landed and the real force of nature got off the plane and stepped into South Carolina.”

McMaster praised Trump for keeping his promises to his supporters.

Trump said that from “day one” McMaster supported him in South Carolina, long before he beat his opponents in the Republican primaries.

“Henry was there at the beginning. He’s a fighter. He’s tough, He’s strong … the beautiful thing with Henry, he does it in an elegant manner,” he said.

Trump said that despite the storm delay, he was insistent to his staff that he attend the rally.

“It was a little rocky up in the sky tonight, I have to be honest,” Trump said. “I said there’s no way we cannot stop.”

Trump encouraged all of his supporters in South Carolina to support McMaster in the upcoming election, or he warned that the “fake news” would ridicule him for a defeat.

“Please get your asses out tomorrow and vote,” he said. “You got to get out there and vote.”