WATCH: Angel Mom Refutes Hate Tweets, We Tell the Truth MSM Is Keeping from You

Mary Ann Mendoza poses for a photograph while holding a framed picture of herself and her son, Brandon Mendoza, on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at her home in Mesa, Ariz. Families who have lost loved ones to crimes committed by immigrants are praising President Donald Trump’s announcement this week that …
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Angel mom Mary Ann Mendoza remains “inspired” by the son who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver, overcoming tweets that accused angel parents of being paid to appear with President Donald Trump by helping other Americans, she told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

Mendoza was among more than a dozen “angel” families who joined President Trump at the White House on Monday for a private meeting in the Oval Office along with Vice President Mike Pence and Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan.

Trump then brought the “angel” families before television cameras, reporters, and an auditorium full of federal immigration law enforcement officials to tell the stories of their loved ones killed by illegal aliens and how media and politicians have avoided bringing attention to them.

After the event some of the angel families were met with messages on social media that accused them of being paid to appear with Trump.

Mendoza told Breitbart that Twitter users have sent her derogatory, profanity-laden messages against her and her fallen police officer son, like “F-you and F- your pig son” and calling her a “nazi hater, a racist.” Her son was half Hispanic and his father’s family, who came to the United States legally, have given Mary Ann their support, “100 percent on this fight.”

“I speak the truth and the truth is my son is dead,” said Mary Ann. “And none of us angel families need to be paid to tell the truth…it’s important that the American public knows what’s happening behind the scenes and what mainstream media is trying to keep from you.”

Over 4,300 Americans are killed each year by illegal aliens, said Mendoza. She discussed volumes of crimes committed by illegal aliens including rape, assault, identity theft. “This is being kept from the public and it’s disgusting,” said Mendoza. “They choose to hate Trump that much that they will deny the truth.”

She spoke of the 10,000 of 12,000 minors that have arrived at the U.S. southern border with no parents. She pointed out the traffickers, the smugglers who use these children to get across the border, to distract agents from drug runs, and sometimes abuse them. 

Mary Ann finds solace in being able to now help others who have gone through what she has. Their stories are the ones that she said make up for 500 other messages of hate directed toward her and her dead son.

“My son is my inspiration,” Mary Ann told Breitbart of her police officer son Sgt. Brandon Mendoza of the Mesa, Arizona police department. He was 32 years old the day that he was killed by a drunk illegal alien who was high on methamphetamine and driving for miles the wrong way on a highway. “His dreams were shattered that day, as were mine,” she said.

“You have to go back to the origin of the problem,” said Mary Ann who brought up the anger being directed toward President Donald Trump. “The origin of the problem lies with the parents, the drug cartel, the human trafficker, the sex traffickers, and those are the people that this anger needs to be directed at, not at the people who are trying to protect citizens and uphold the laws of this country.”

“He’s very genuine…he knows every one of us by our names, he knows our children’s names, he is a man concerned about his country,” Mendoza said of President Trump.

Brandon Mendoza dedicated his life to service to the public and his community. As a beat cop he was tasked with cleaning up a park in a troubled area of Mesa, Arizona. Officer Mendoza worked to get the homeless into shelters, drive out the drug dealers, and have trees trimmed to provide better visibility for law enforcement.

“The neighborhood was able to reclaim the park as their own,” his mom recounted. As a result “families are gathering there as it should have been for all those years.” She said that people would welcome her son into their homes. He saw to needs of the elderly and bought bikes as Christmas presents for community members’ grandkids.

Mary Ann Mendoza recalled the 3am call she got from a friend of Brandon’s serving in Afghanistan. It was May 2014 and he told Mary Ann that Brandon had been in a terrible accident. She rushed down to the hospital where Brandon underwent surgery for his injuries. He never made it out of surgery.

Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, 32, had been driving home from work when he was hit head on by an illegal alien driving the wrong way on a highway while far over the legal limit of alcohol and high on methamphetamine. The perpetrator had been driving the wrong way for 35 miles before hitting Brandon.

After the fog that followed Brandon’s death began to clear, Mary Ann got to researching crimes committed by illegal aliens in America.

“I sent President [Barack] Obama two letters with no response,” she recalled. She went to Washington, DC to support the family of Kate Steinle, a young woman killed by an illegal alien. The family was testifying before Congress. Mary Ann said President Obama knew that they were in town and instead of having them to the White House, he chose during that time to host illegal alien college students and teachers at the White House.

“This was very appalling to me that we had a sitting president who had more concern and care for people other than the citizens of the country he was president of,” said Mary Ann.

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