WATCH: ’Professor Occupy’ Lisa Fithian Directs Open Borders DC Protest

Radical leftist activist Lisa Fithian was caught on video in Washington, DC Saturday, organizing and directing protesters at one of many open borders protests across the nation.

Breitbart News filmed Fithian heading up the “Families Belong Together” post-rally march down the streets of DC where she directed protesters to create a human blockade on a major street. She can be seen directing protesters while others involved appear to be coming to her for direction on what they can do.

Asked if Americans should fight for amnesty, Fithian replied, “Of course. This is a land of immigrants, it’s a land of indigenous people. Immigrants are indigenous people.”

“Money crosses borders, people should cross borders,” said Fithian. She then claimed that she was “just helping out” when asked by Breitbart News’ Matt Perdie if she was organizing the event. Despite her claim of just helping, she was caught on video 

She then proceeded to warn several other ralliers that Breitbart News was covering the rally. One protester joked that her clumsy big feet might step on the cameraman’s feet.

During the January 2017 presidential inauguration, Breitbart News caught the radical Fithian training individuals involved in planning “shutting that shit down.” Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby released undercover audio of Fithian at one of these meetings.

In 2008 Fithian was a key trainer for protests at the Republican National Convention. A three-prong tactic was employed to make use of anarchists to attack people, non-violent “arrestables” protesters, and easily controlled average liberal protesters, according to Darby’s reporting. 

Fithian’s history of involvement in radical protest efforts has been documented in the film Occupy Unmasked, a look into the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protest movement that held “deep anarchist roots.” The Occupy encampments were riddled with “criminal activity and raw brutality,” as the film documents.

Fithian was also involved training protesters ahead of the violent November 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri. 

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