Las Vegas Massacre: Body Cam Shows ‘Terrified’ Officer Avoid Confrontation with Stephen Paddock

That footage showed that Varsin, Officer Cordell Hendrex and three armed Mandalay Bay security managers remained on the 31stfloor and failed to take any action to get to the 32ndfloor to confront Paddock.

Body cam footage from the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas shooting shows Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Cordell Hendrex staying on the 31st floor of Mandalay Bay as part of the shooting occurred, then taking cover inside a stairwell as the shooting continued.

Hendrex was the first LVMP officer on scene. He had an officer-in-training and Mandalay security along with him.

On May 23, 2018, Fox 5 Vegas published a police report in which Hendrex described the elevator ride to the 31st floor:

I distinctly remember saying a prayer in my head for all of us in the elevator and the ones still dealing with the shots coming at them. I could tell that it was coming from the floor above us on 32 … I know I hesitated and remember being terrified with fear and I think that I froze right there in the middle of the hall for how long I can’t say.

Hendrex’s actions upon exiting the elevator to the 31st floor are now viewable via body cam footage. The sounds of gunfire can be heard from the floor above them and Hendrex can be heard saying, “Holy s—. That’s rapid fire,” as he remains on the 31st floor:

During an appearance on the Wayne Allyn Root Show, retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Randy Sutton commented on Hendrex’s inaction:

The body cam footage that came out, it’s really disturbing … and you know it’s frustrating to me both as a retired police officer, especially with Metro, to see this made public and to feel the frustration that he didn’t do anything, that he just froze, even by his own report, was so frightened that he didn’t do anything. And not only him but since he was the senior officer, the trainee that was with him didn’t act nor did the security people because they were waiting for his lead.

Hendrex’s decision not to confront the Las Vegas gunman is reminiscent of former Broward County deputy Scot Peterson’s decision not to enter Building 12 during the February 14, 2018, Parkland school shooting.

On March 15, 2018, Breitbart News reported that surveillance video appears to show Peterson standing outside Building 12 while innocents were being gunned down inside.

Seventeen innocents were killed at Parkland. Fifty-eight were killed outside Mandalay Bay.

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