Pat Buchanan: ‘Goal of Liberals–and Interventionists’ Is a ‘Second Cold War’

Pat Buchanan

Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan is slamming the political left in the Washington, D.C. beltway for what he says is their longing for a “second Cold War” with Russia.

During a segment on the McLaughlin Group, Buchanan defended President Trump’s recent blasting of NATO allies for failing to pay their share of defense against Russia while the United States and American taxpayers make up the cost.

“Trump is exasperated to the point of anger at the fact that the Europeans have been freeloading off of American defense, running up huge trade surpluses at our expense, doing next to nothing, relying on the Americans, not following through,” Buchanan said. “Thirty years after the Cold War, we’re still defending Europe — which has ten times GDP of Russia — against Russia. And what Trump is saying is serious.”

“What I’m saying is, we’re coming to a day where the United States of America is going to say ‘You guys either defend yourselves or live with the Russians,'” Buchanan continued.

When liberal commentator Eleanor Clift claimed that Trump was working with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “undermine Europe,” Buchanan pressed back.

“… the goal of all the liberals in this city and the interventionists is a second Cold War that we don’t want,” Buchanan said.

During Trump’s international trip this past week with the NATO allies, the populist president called the group “delinquent” for failing to pay their proper share of defense spending. Trump also warned that immigration “is taking over Europe.”

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