Kris Kobach: GOP-Dem Asylum Rules an ‘Open Door’ to Female Suicide Bombers

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Kansas Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach says an effort pushed by House Democrats and Republicans to widen asylum laws would be an “open door” for terrorists and female suicide bombers.

During an interview with Breitbart Deputy Political Editor Amanda House on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday, Kobach slammed the GOP-run House Appropriations Committee for passing new asylum standards that would give any foreign national claiming domestic or gang violence the right to migrate to the U.S.

Kobach said such low standards for asylum would open the country up to foreign terrorists:

If you think about this issue of using domestic abuse as the basis for asylum, there’s a real problem here and that is, some of the countries with the worst domestic abuse — and therefore the most plausible for fraudulent claims of domestic abuse — are countries where Islam is rampant. [Emphasis added]

And so, think about this: You have last year … you have an all time record in the number of female suicide bombers. This is a new tactic being used, particularly by Boko Haram, the Islamist group out of Africa. And so, how easy would it be for a man and a woman to fabricate a claim of spousal abuse or domestic abuse. The woman then gets a green card, which lets her travel freely in and out of America because of this fabricated claim of domestic abuse, say in Somalia … and then she carries out a suicide bombing. It’s an open door to Boko Haram to say ‘Send your female suicide bombers in, all they have to claim is that they’re being abused by a man in their home country.’ [Emphasis added]

Listen to Kobach’s full interview here:

House Republicans, led by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS), have tied $5 billion in southern border wall funding to a slew of pro-open borders and pro-big business immigration changes.

As Breitbart News noted, the appropriations committee voted to revive President Obama’s Catch and Release policies—where illegal aliens and asylum seekers are caught at the border, then released into the U.S. general public—by deliberately defunding Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tightening of asylum laws.

Yoder and the GOP-led House appropriations committee’s efforts to codify the Catch and Release policy into law would give the entire populations of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras—32 million Central Americans—the right to migrate to the U.S., as well as any other foreign nationals who travel to the country and claim they are fleeing gangs or domestic violence. This translates to a foreign population at least half the size of the American midwest being given the right to migrate to the country under the GOP’s Homeland Security funding measure.

The border wall funding has also been tied to a green card giveaway for at least 200,000 Indian nationals who are in the U.S. on guest worker visas, Breitbart News reported, along with a tripling of the number of H-2B visa workers who were let into the country and allowed to take U.S. blue collar jobs and an expansion of the H-2A visa program, which would deliver more cheap foreign workers to farms across the country.

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Full Disclosure: Kris Kobach is a columnist for Breitbart News Network.

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