Hawkins: Gun Control Is Inhumane, Chicago Is Proof

Gun Control
J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Gun control is inhumane and Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago and Baltimore prove the point again and again.

Think about it–gun control is presented to the American people as a means of safety and security, as a way of protecting children and adults alike from gun violence. Yet instead of safety and security it is demonstrable that cities in states with stringent gun laws–cities like Chicago or Baltimore–are literally sacrificing a certain percentage of their population to the left’s politically-driven obsession with gun control.

And in spite of all the marches about saving lives, all the Democrats who ran for office on promises of bringing change, all the late night comedy show hosts who cried on TV after a mass shooting in cities they frequent, there is not a mention of the 70-plus people who were shot in Chicago between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. At least 11 of those individuals died from their wounds yet late night comedy show hosts did not spend their opening monologues crying for them.

Gun control is inhumane. It necessarily segregates citizens in way that those who can afford gated communities with guards or private security patrols are safe as can be while the poor among us are left to live defenseless among criminals who are armed and will always be armed.

And it seems that we get used to it. Whether we are talking about the 70 shot in Chicago last weekend, the nearly 40 shot during a three-day time frame in May, or the nearly 800 killed in Chicago in 2016, we read the headline about the deaths and flip the page to see where the Dow Jones is today, what the whether is supposed to be in our town, and if it is true that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may get back together.

Or we see that Baltimore is on track to register more than 300 homicides this year then we are quickly distracted by the fact that the pool guy is late again.  We never stop to think that Maryland Democrats pushed through a Firearm Safety Act in 2013, which included a “high capacity” magazine ban, only to see the criminal use of such of such magazines rise  in 2013 and continue climbing in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Lives are being lost but the vast majority of us do not feel it because the violence is occurring in parts of the city we do not frequent. Even the gun control groups look the other way. Ah, but when the violence touches a school, church, or business in our area then more gun control is immediately necessary, more gun laws must be put in place.

And what will those new restrictions do for the law-abiding residents in Chicago’s blighted neighborhoods or those in Baltimore? Those restrictions will simply put them at a greater disadvantage by making it even harder to acquire a gun for legal uses, such as self-defense.

Gun control is inhumane, and people are dying because of it.

(You can listen to more on the inhumanity of gun control on this week’s episode of Bullets with AWR Hawkins.)

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