WATCH: Antifa Activists Threaten Cops: ‘Without That Badge You a B**** and a Half!’

Members of the left-wing activist group “Antifa” threatened Washington, DC, police officers during a counter-protest to the “Unite the Right 2” rally in D.C.’s Lafayette Park on Sunday.

Videos of the encounter showed the activists dressed in all black and carrying red flags physically and verbally abusing officers with D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department as they tried to keep the peace during the demonstration.

“Without that badge, you’re a bitch and a half!” One protester shouted at an MPD officer while another group shouted, “Fuck the MPD!”

Other protesters engaged in physical violence against the officers. Some demonstrators shoved two officers on motorcycles wearing green vests as they tried pass through the crowd, while others launched fireworks and smoke bombs at police officers.

A few Antifa protesters dressed in all black blocked a group of green-vested officers peacefully trying to move down an alley way on 14th and G Streets.

The mob of left-wing Antifa activists, also known as “anti-fascists,” are known for threatening police, bystanders, and President Trump.
Ian Mason and Matt Perdie contributed to this report. 


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