Donald Trump Celebrates the American Worker in Labor Day Proclamation

american worker
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

President Donald Trump celebrated the American worker on Monday, issuing a proclamation for Labor Day.

“On Labor Day, we celebrate the American worker: The bulwark of our national prosperity and the cornerstone of our national greatness,” Trump wrote in his proclamation, setting aside Monday, September 3, as Labor Day.

Trump reminded Americans of the government’s responsibility to America’s workforce in all of its economic decisions.

“America’s workers pay our taxes, support our values, serve in our military, raise our children, protect our Constitution, and build our communities,” he wrote. “They deserve, in return, the unwavering fidelity of their Government.”

Trump cited the successful actions in favor of American workers, cutting taxes and regulations while strengthening American manufacturing and energy production. He also boasted record unemployment during his administration.

“Thousands of Americans have found a renewed sense of purpose in our resurgent economy,” he wrote. “The dedication, resolve, and pride of the American worker are the reason our Nation has achieved prosperity that was once thought unattainable.”

The president also reminded American workers of his commitment to enforcing immigration laws, vowing to reform the immigration system to protect “the jobs, wages, and livelihoods of our Nation’s workers.”

He also cited the importance of labor unions in America.

“We have kept our promise to always keep the White House door open to members and leaders of our country’s labor organizations,” he said.

Most importantly, he boasted of his commitment to renegotiating trade deals to protect American workers, citing progress with trade negotiations with Mexico, the European Union, and South Korea.

“The dedication, resolve, and pride of the American worker built the greatest country in the history of the world — the envy of nations and the pride of countless millions — and now, we are bringing to life the next great chapter in the history of this magnificent Republic,” he concluded.


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