***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Ohio Rally

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President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Ohio on Friday evening, a day after his blockbuster White House meeting with Kanye West and NFL legend Jim Brown.

Trump, who has been on a campaign and media blitz, will travel to Kentucky on Saturday evening for another rally as he barnstorms across the country to boost Republican candidates in key congressional races.

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8:10 PM: Trump wraps up another electric rally.

8:03 PM: “There was no kneeling… there was no games….Boom…” Trump says after talking about Neil Armstrong, “the man who planted that flag right on the face of the moon.”

8:00 PM: Trump says Ohio’s own William McKinley has not been properly recognized, especially re: tariffs. Trump now talking about Lincoln bringing General Ulysses S. Grant on board even though he had a “serious drinking problem” because his other generals didn’t know how to win and beat Robert E. Lee.

“But man was he a great general,” Trump says. “And he’s finally being recognized as a great general.”

7:52 PM: “We’ve had a lot of normals,” Trump says of past presidents who could not draw the crowds that he is attracting. Trump says you can tell by the sound of the audience how big his crowds are…

“I know what stadiums sounds like,” Trump says.

He then says this crowd sounds like “we’re in the middle of an Ohio State football game”–referring to the Horseshoe.

He also praises Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer.

7:49 PM: Trump says ICE is liberating towns of the “MS-13 garbage” that “came in under the previous administration.” He says nothing gives him more pleasure.

7:48 PM: Trump: “We will protect your Social Security–Democrats cannot do it,” Trump says. He also promises to crack down on chain migration and the visa lottery while passing Kate’s law and protecting the ballot for American citizens and throwing MS-13 “the hell out of the country.”

“We’re throwing them out by the thousands,” Trump says. “Do we love law enforcement or what?”

7:47 PM: Trump says “it’s a whole different ballgame” and “it’s a whole different country” after talking about riots in the streets of Iran after he withdrew from the “ridiculous” nuclear agreement.

7:46 PM: Trump again talks up his Space Force. Says that’s where “it’s going to be at” in the future — “defense, offense.”

7:43 PM: Trump says because of his trade deals, the steel industry will be “roaring back to life” in states like Ohio.

7:41 PM: Trump says what Kanye West did at the White House was “pretty amazing.” He also praises “Big Jim Brown” and wonders what the Cleveland Browns legend would be making in today’s NFL because he was “unstoppable.”

7:40 PM: Trump says he is so proud of the low unemployment numbers for African-Americans. He says he is asking “all African-American voters to honor us with their support this November. Get away from the Democrats… They’ve done nothing.”

“I think we’re going to get the African-American vote,” Trump adds.

Trump says African-Americans “are all believing it now” after talking about asking black voters in 2016, “what do you have to lose?”

7:38 PM: Trump praises ICE and accuses Democrats of wanting open borders and to turn America into a “giant sanctuary city” for criminal aliens and “anyone who wants to come in.”

7:35 PM: Trump now introduces Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) and says he has stood by Trump’s side every step of the way.

“God Bless President Trump,” Chabot says. “I never thought I’d say this, but God Bless Kanye West.”

Chabot says he never thought he’d say the latter. He then tells a joke about how many liberals it takes to screw in a lightbulb (none, because they like to stay in the dark)… he says he had six-page speech but more Chabot means less Trump….and he gives the stage back to Trump.

Trump says Chabot is winning but “don’t take any chances… we don’t want to hear about any upsets.”

7:32 PM: Trump says Sherrod Brown “will never vote for us.” Says he didn’t vote for Kavanaugh/tax cuts and “voted yes on amnesty for illegal aliens” and voted yes for “deadly sanctuary cities” and against the wall. Trump claims the border wall is “moving faster than anyone can believe.” He says the border wall will be a “life saver” against gangs, drugs, cartels, etc.

7:26 PM: Trump now introduces GOP Ohio Senate candidate Jim Renacci. Trump says “nothing’s easy in politics” but Renacci is fighting.

7:24 PM: Trump says he thinks Cordray enjoyed “hurting people” while running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He says the “fake news didn’t want to write about” Cordray’s scandals and misuse of funds. He says it’s a “Pocahontas dream to get this guy elected.”

“This guy does not belong in this state, folks,” Trump says. “First off, he’s a super liberal. Why do you do that?”

He says Cordray would be “an absolute disaster for Ohio. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.”

7:22 PM: Trump praises Ohio’s Jane Timken… and gives credit where it’s due by praising Bob Paduchik. He also has kind words for Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH). He now speaks about Mike DeWine and how they are running against Elizabeth Warren’s “far-left disciple, Richard Cordray.”

7:19 PM: Trump says if Pelosi and Democrats take over, they will raise taxes, impose socialism, take away jobs, erase borders, and let drugs and crime “pour into this country.”

Trump claims even the fake news media are not challenging him when he says “Democrats are the party of crime.”

7:15 PM: Trump talks about working two summers in Swifton Village and his love of the Queen City and traveling to Kentucky.

Trump talks about getting Ohio in election night. “We got it,” Trump says.

7:13 PM: Crowd goes wild as Trump talks about swearing in Justice Brett Kavanaugh earlier in the week.

“We are more energized as Republicans than ever before,” Trump says.

He says Republicans are winning in Senate races after Kavanaugh because “people are realizing how important the Supreme Court is.” Trump talks about potential 3-4 more replacements.

Trump says from the moment Kavanaugh was announced, the angry mob was on a mission to demolish and destroy him. Trump says the left were saying horrible things even before they knew who Trump was going to pick.

“These are bad people. We can’t let this happen to our country,” Trump says. “Republicans believe in the rule of law… not the rule of the mob.”

Trump says Democrats are going so far to the left that Pocahontas is becoming “mainstream.”

7:12 PM: Trump now says “our magnificent First Lady Melania just returned from a successful trip from Africa.” Trump says Melania told him it’s both “beautiful and sad” and “it’s got every kind of emotion… it opens your eyes about what goes on in the world.”

7:10 PM: Trump says “steel was a dead business” when he came into office and now steel plants are opening up all over the place.

“We’re taxing the hell out of dumpers,” Trump says. “We’re going to have beautiful new American-made steel.”

Trump says it’s not going to be “mud” or “sand” steel before saying the steel that was dumped was nothing but “garbage.”

“We don’t need outsiders telling us about our steel industry,” Trump says. “After  years of rebuilding foreign nations, we are rebuilding our nation, which is what we want.”

7:08 PM: “We’ve learned how to live with them,” Trump says after mocking the “fake news” media. “We don’t like it, but we’ve learned.”

7:06 PM: Trump speaks about the phenomena called “America First.” “It’s about time,” Trump says before saying the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low. The crowd boos when Trump mentions that the Obama administration said that manufacturing jobs are “dead” and “gone” and a “magic wand” would be needed to bring them back.

“I guess we have the magic wand,” Trump says. “They wall want to be where the action is.”

Trump says the U.S. is now the “hottest country in the world” and that’s why jobs are coming back in… as the crowd chants “USA! USA!”

7:04 PM: Trump says every American’s heart is with those impacted by Hurricane Michael. Trump says the hurricane was “vicious” and “devastating.”

7:02 PM: Trump tells Ohioans that “under American leadership, America is being respected again!”

Trump says he is proud to report that U.S. secured the release of pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey. Trump Brunson is in the air and will head to Germany for a brief check-up before coming to Washington, DC, tomorrow.

“He went through a lot. But he’s on his way back,” Trump says.

7:00 PM: Trump getting ready to address another packed crowd.

6:50 PM: Trump is expected to take the stage in about 10 minutes.


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