Planned Parenthood Encourages Birth … for Illegal Aliens

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Planned Parenthood – an organization that advocates for abortions of unborn American babies up until the day of birth – apparently is encouraging births for illegal aliens.

On Tuesday, the abortion giant said President Donald Trump’s plan for an executive order to eliminate birthright citizenship is “despicable, egregious, unconstitutional.”

The irony of the situation was not lost on many Twitter users:

Twitchy highlighted some other interesting tweets in response to Planned Parenthood’s sudden interest in birth.

“So, you oppose aborting birthright citizenship?” asked conservative radio host Dana Loesch:

“Birth right opinions by those that prevent birth,” posted Kane Facts. “What an oxymoron!”:

During an interview with Axios Tuesday, Trump revealed he is planning to end the birthright citizenship policy – which awards the children of illegal aliens with United States citizenship – by executive order.

“It was always told to me that you needed a Constitutional amendment–guess what? You don’t,” Trump said, adding:

Number one, you don’t need that. Number two, you can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it with just an executive order. Now, how ridiculous–we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits? It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous–and it has to end.

Breitbart News reported:

Revoking birthright citizenship would have immediate and far-reaching consequences. It would mean the children of illegal aliens, even if born in the United States, would not be bestowed U.S. citizenship upon birth. It would also likely deter the practice of foreigners having “anchor babies,” where they aim to give birth to children on U.S. soil so as to obtain U.S. citizenship for their children at birth.

“According to a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, the total anchor-baby population now exceeds the annual number of U.S. citizen births from American citizens,” the report continued.


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