Police: Florida Woman Farts in Store, Threatens Patron with Knife

Police: Florida Woman Farts in Store, Threatens Patron with Knife
Broward County Sheriff's Office

A woman’s flatulence while waiting in line at a Florida dollar store led to her arrest after she allegedly pulled a knife on a store patron who complained about her passing gas.

Authorities say Shanetta Yvette Wilson, 37, was waiting in line to purchase some items at a Dollar General store in Broward County when a customer got into a verbal altercation with her about her flatulence in public, the Miami Herald reported.

The situation escalated quickly when Wilson allegedly took out a knife from her purse and told her victim, John Walker, “she was going to ‘gut’ him,” according to a police report.

Walker told authorities he was scared Wilson would stab him after she allegedly looked like she about to use the knife to attack him.

Deputies found Wilson not too long after police were called to the scene, arrested her, and booked her in jail on one count of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill,” the report stated.

Officials set Wilson’s bail at $2,500.

Another Florida woman got herself in trouble with authorities after getting fed up with her husband for farting in bed.

In a 2015 incident, the woman allegedly attacked her husband with such force that she kicked him out of bed for passing wind.


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