Democrat Senator Mark Warner: Trump ‘Should Withdraw’ Attorney General Nomination

donald-trump-william-p-barr, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Mark Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s leading Democrat, told CNN that because William Barr seemingly solicited the nomination for Attorney General, President Trump should withdraw it.

“I think the President should withdraw this nomination,” said Warner. According to him, the “almost tacky,” and “at the very least unseemly” memo was, “in effect,” an “attempt to solicit” the nomination. “It appears that the number one qualification Trump is looking for in an AG is someone that will try to undermine the Mueller investigation,” he said.

The memo in question was sent to the Department of Justice in early June 2018. In it, Barr asserted that Trump’s interactions with ousted FBI Director James Comey would not constitute obstruction of justice. Warner claimed the memo showed Barr “desperately” wanted the administration position, suggesting it was a way of telling Trump “you won’t be indicted,” and “I’ll make sure that we’ll keep you away from the arm of the law.”

“To me, that is both inappropriate and disqualifying,” Warner said. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer agrees: “Mr. Barr’s memo reveals that he is fatally conflicted from being able to oversee the special counsel’s investigation,” he said.

Barr has served as the United States Attorney General before, during the George H.W. Bush administration. Trump is expected to formally nominate Barr in January.


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