Exclusive — Brandon Tatum: Securing the United States Border Is ‘Invaluable’

Former police officer and Turning Point USA Director of Urban Engagement Brandon Tatum told Breitbart News on Sunday securing the United States border is crucial, as the nation is also dealing with the severe consequences of illegal drugs pouring into the country.

Tatum spoke to Breitbart News in Los Angeles, California, at Candace Owens’ first Blexit event of 2019. He said that securing the United States border is “absolutely invaluable,” given what he has seen as a police officer in Arizona.

“The six years I was a police officer, I saw such an influx in heroin and Fentanyl, that it was outrageous,” said Tatum, “Just to give you an idea, every police officer in the entire police department had to carry Narcan, which is something that they shoot into your nose to bring you back to life if you overdose on heroin.”

“With the Fentanyl out, it became so bad, that every time we test drugs, we now have to wear a full body suit and a mask — because of the effects of Fentanyl — if it seeps through your skin or if you inhale it, you can die,” continued Tatum.

“It is absolutely invaluable for us to not only build a wall — to help our border patrol, but also — to let everybody in the world know you’re not just going to come in our country uncontested,” said the former police officer.

Tatum added that the black community has been hearing “one side” for a long time, and that it needs to change.

“My premise is for us to expose people to another reality, and give them the opportunity to make decisions on their own,” said Tatum of the Blexit movement, “We want to give them positive information — good sources, and then they can make the conscious decision, as adults, to go and do the things that they think are necessary for their communities.”

Tatum said that he hopes Blexit will result in a big turnout of voters, but that he especially hopes it will expose African Americans to the truth of the negative impact that the Democrat Party has had on their communities.

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