White House: Fight for Border Barrier Funding ‘Ongoing’ Despite End to Shutdown

US President Donald Trump speaks during an inspection of border wall prototypes in San Die

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said President Donald Trump’s fight for the border barrier was ongoing, despite his decision to end the partial government shutdown for three weeks.

Sanders urged the bipartisan committee of Democrats and Republicans to work out a deal on border security within three weeks.

“The table has been perfectly set by the president in order for a good deal to come together where everybody gets a little bit of something they are looking for,” she said.

Sanders reserved the president’s right to declare a State of Emergency on the border at the end of three weeks if Congress failed to reach a deal.

“If Congress, particularly Democrats in Congress, would rather play political games than do their jobs and fix the problem, then the president will be forced to take a different path,” she said. “Again, ideally that doesn’t happen, but we’ll see what happens.”

Sanders did not detail any hardline principals that the president would voice before the committee meeting but said that he would like to fix both the border security issues and the problems with immigration in the country.


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