Donald Trump: Democrats ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ with Investigations

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 08: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks to the nation in his first-prime address from the Oval Office of the White House on January 8, 2019 in Washington, DC. A partial shutdown of the federal government extended to 17 days following the president's demand for $5.7 billion …
Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty

President Donald Trump shared his outrage Tuesday over the new investigations launched by Democrats against him and people close to him.

“Now that they realize the only Collusion with Russia was done by Crooked Hillary Clinton & the Democrats, Nadler, Schiff and the Dem heads of the Committees have gone stone cold CRAZY,” Trump wrote.

He criticized the Democrats after House Judiciary requested documents from 81 different individuals connected to his businesses, his family, and his administration.

“81 letters sent to innocent people to harass them,” Trump wrote. “They won’t get ANYTHING done for our Country!”

He dismissed the investigations as entirely political and an abuse of power.

“The greatest overreach in the history of our Country. The Dems are obstructing justice and will not get anything done,” he wrote. “A big, fat, fishing expedition desperately in search of a crime, when in fact the real crime is what the Dems are doing, and have done!”

The White House on Monday also denounced the glut of investigation demands.

“The Democrats are more interested in pathetic political games and catering to a radical, leftist base than on producing results for our citizens,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders wrote in a statement. “The Democrats are not after the truth, they are after the President.”


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