Video: Protesters Disrupt Resignation Rally Against Ilhan Omar

Left-wing activists supporting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) disrupted the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition’s rally demanding the freshman congresswoman resign on Wednesday morning.

Omar has come under fire for repeated antisemitic remarks in recent weeks, prompting House Democrat leadership to draft a resolution condemning antisemitism. The vote will reportedly take place on Thursday.

The protesters began shouting as Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition supporters posed for photos with an Israeli flag.

“Jews stand with Ilhan Omar,” one woman shouted as she held a pro-Omar sign above her head. “Jewish values are to love the stranger,” she continued.

Capitol Hill police quickly intervened, demanding the woman leave the room or be arrested.

The officer then asked another protester, a man wearing a Code Pink t-shirt that read “I stand with Ilhan,” to step out or face arrest.

A third protester, a woman in all pink attire, was then asked to leave, but was later welcomed to stay if she promised not to further disrupt the event.

“I was taught that Jews stand for justice,” a fourth protester lectured the group of pro-Israel woman.

“Do you stand for justice?” one of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition supporters asked.

“Human rights are being violated in Israel-Palestine,” the protester, ignoring the question, replied.

“Women and girls are being sold into sexual slavery every single day in the Middle East and Iran. Do you know that?” the pro-Israel attendee shot back.

The protester responded by saying that sexual slavery is occurring in the U.S. and then mischaracterized President Donald Trump’s border policy, accusing the president of “ripping” children from mother’s arms.

“We don’t need your negativity,” another pro-Israel attendee told the protester. “Why don’t you walk on out and save yourself the humiliation.”

The protester was then escorted out of the gathering.


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