Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis: My Father Would Be ‘Horrified’ by Trump Presidency

Patti Davis, the daughter of former President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, revealed in a Tuesday interview that her father would be “horrified” by what the U.S. has become under President Donald Trump.

Davis, 66, whose IMDb page notes she is an outspoken supporter of the Democratic Party, told Yahoo News in an interview that she believed Trump is threatening democracy and “assaulting the Constitution.”

“I think he would be horrified,” Davis replied. “I think he would be heartbroken because he loved this country a lot, and he believed in this country. I mean, that was in all of his speeches. And he believed in the goodness of people.”

Davis added that the Republican Party does not do anything to stop Trump from his antics, saying that there are “crickets (from Republicans) when Trump keeps assaulting the Constitution.”

“The Republican Party now— particularly the Republicans in this government— are just sitting by the sidelines and letting the Trump administration destroy this country. I mean they don’t say anything, they don’t stand up to him,” she told host Zainab Salbi.

Davis has also bashed Trump on other occasions. She penned an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 stating that her father would not have agreed with Trump’s “freewheeling rhetoric on foreign policy, his constant attacks on the media, and his hardline approach to immigration.”


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