Nolte: People White Knight Mitt Romney Should Actually Defend

Mitt Romney failed to gain the necessary votes to bypass Utah's primary Senate election and will be pitted against Rep. Mike Kennedy for the Republican bid to replace seven-term Sen. Orrin Hatch. Photo by John Angelillo/UPI
John Angelillo/UPI

Is there anything in the world more pathetic than Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) white knighting for the late John McCain?

From what I’ve seen over the past few weeks, if you wish to be allowed into the establishment, the current password is “JohnMcCainWasTheBestestAmericanEver.”

The previous password was “JakeTapperMakesMeHorny.”


Either you say it and do so convincingly, or you’re not getting in.

In other words, if you don’t believe John McCain is the bestest American ever (and I don’t), you are required to lie and say you believe it. You are not allowed to have no opinion. You are not allowed to keep your opinion to yourself. You have to say it out loud and do so convincingly or … you’re blacklisted.

So, of course, Mitt Romney, who will grab any opportunity to prove his cucka fides, doesn’t just say it, he slobbers it, he licks the bottom of the jackboot while saying it…

“I can’t understand why the President would, once again, disparage a man as exemplary as my friend John McCain,” Romney tweeted Tuesday before turning the butt-smooching up to 11, “heroic, courageous, patriotic, honorable, self-effacing, self-sacrificing, empathetic, and driven by duty to family, country, and God.”

Come on, Mitt, have a little dignity.

I know Candy Crowley cost you the job Trump currently holds, but at least pretend to be a man.

What’s more, a quick perusal of Romney’s Twitter account reveals only punditry, a man obsessed with the national media’s stupid narratives and how desperate he is to prove to them he’s on board:

  • Orange Man Bad? Check.
  • Russia bad? Check.
  • Jamal Khashoggi?

It’s as if he’s interviewing for a CNN job, not representing Utah.

When will White Knight Mitt Romney show some real courage, take a real risk, and say…

Stand up for Trump against a media declaring him mentally ill and the next Hitler?

Stand up for the global Christians being persecuted throughout the world?

Stand up for Kellyanne Conway against a horrible husband who gets off on publicly undermining and humiliating her?

Stand up for the mixed-race family reported to the police by Cindy McCain?

Just give us a sign there’s some actual moral courage rolling around somewhere in that empty suit of yours. 

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