Nolte: Of Transsexuals, Obese Models, John McCain, and Thoughtcrime

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One of the more enjoyable facets of getting older — I just turned 53 — is becoming less and less concerned about the future. Hopefully I got another 30 years in me, but the truth is that the future no longer belongs to me and as more time passes I feel less and less responsible for whatever happens next. I put in my time, fought the good fight for freedom and now it’s up to younger people to fight for theirs … or not.

Let me put it this way, had social media banned me 10 years ago, I would have been mortified. If social media bans me today, I’ll hardly miss it. If social media bans me in five years, why would an old guy counting the seconds to retirement, to the moment he can drive a  pickup truck over his iPhone, give even half a damn?

So it is with more amusement than concern that I watch as fascist social media corporations, the Democrat Party, and most especially the corporate media go the full-Orwell when it comes to throughtcrimes.

My use of Orwell’s “thoughtcrime” is not for affect or hyperbole. Without question, there is a serious, organized, and intense campaign at work here, a campaign backed by billions of corporate dollars, to abuse the public into believing things that are simply not true. And the punishment for committing the crime of holding “unacceptable” thoughts and/or ideas is real: public shaming, bullying, banishment from the public square (social media), and economic sanctions — job losses, advertising boycotts, etc.

Here are three of the most absurd thoughtcrimes:

Gender is Fluid

No, not it’s not. Biologically, gender is imprinted on every strand of your DNA and is more pronounced than skin color. That is scientific fact.

But this is how absurd things have become: if I ran around pretending to be a black woman, even though I have more science on my side to back up my claim of being black, the anti-science fascists would condemn my cultural appropriation while celebrating my gender dysphoria.

It’s pure madness, and it goes like this…

Caitlyn Jenner is a woman.

No, he’s not.

She is because she says she is.

Science, biology, and his schlong says he’s not.

You’re a bigot.

Because I don’t want mentally ill men allowed in public restrooms with young girls?

How dare you call her mentally ill.

It is what it is.

So androgynous rock stars are mentally ill — David Bowie and Annie Lennox?

Gender non-conformity is not the same as gender dysphoria. One is rebellion, self expression. The other is something tragic.

People should be allowed to live their lives in whatever way they choose.

That’s rich coming from a pronoun Nazi.

You’re a monster. Trans people deserve our compassion and support.

Agreed. My uncle identified as a TV antennae. We didn’t patronize him. We got him help. We could have exploited him. Put him in the circus or on the roof. But because we care about him, he got treatment. You’re exploiting people in desperate need of psychological help for political reasons. That makes you the monster.

Call Caitlyn a “she” and believe it or you’re blacklisted.

Oh, and these trans folks are going to destroy women’s sports.

They’re women because they say they’re women.

Call me Napoleon.

Obese Swimsuit Models are Beautiful

No, no they’re not. They’re the opposite of attractive. Sure, some people find naked obese women (and men) attractive, but that’s what we call a fetish. Today, however, we are being ordered to find a 300 pound woman in a string bikini sexy — or at least to pretend we do convincingly enough to avoid punishment. Hey, I’m not trying to be an asshole about this; no one wants to see me in a speedo, but I’m not the fascist who’s bullying everyone into pretending otherwise. And it goes like this…

Naked, fat women are beautiful.

Do you believe in evolution?

Of course I do.

Scientifically it makes no sense for our species to find obese women attractive, which is why we don’t. It is a biological fact that men are hard-wired to look for healthy mates as a means to propagate the species, which is why —  whether it is someone who’s ill, someone very old, or an obese someone — unhealthy people are unattractive to us. Nature has programmed us to not be sexually turned on by the unhealthy, and that includes fat people.

You’re a bigot.

How can my personal tastes and preferences make me a bigot? Am I a bigot because I don’t like Lord of the Rings or Jerry Lewis movies or watching two guys kiss?

So you’re a homophobe!

My stash of lesbian porn says different, and I’m not discriminating against fat people, saying we should not hire them or give them housing. I just don’t want to see them in underwear catalogs.

People should be allowed to live their lives however they wish.

You keep saying that even as you bully me over my personal beliefs.

You’re a monster for not lying about this. Fat women need your support.

What they need is a treadmill.

John McCain Was an Honorable, Patriotic, Super-Duper American

This is my favorite thoughtcrime. Maybe my all-time favorite. Why? Because I’m old enough to remember when the media told me McCain was an old, white, racist, womanizing, corrupt war criminal. But that was back in ’08 when he was the only thing between a Democrat and the White House.

Today, however, he is St. John McCain.

Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy can trash the late Ronald Reagan all she wants with no repercussions, but President Trump criticizing McCain’s dishonorable role in a number of dishonorable acts — why you’d think Trump was hiring Russian hookers to pee on a bed Obama slept in, or something. And it goes like this…

John McCain was one of the greatest and most honorable Americans who ever lived.

Ten years ago you told me he was a racist war criminal.

Ten years ago you voted for him.

Because my only other choice was socialist who hung out with domestic terrorists.

Shame on you. John McCain was a war hero.

Yes, he was a war hero, but even war heroes can grow into bitter, dishonest, and petty old men — and that is what happened to John McCain.

You’re only saying that to side with Trump.

I’ve despised John McCain since the aughts, since he constantly undermined President George W. Bush as payback for losing the 2000 primary and as a means to seek favor with the establishment media because he knew he would run for president again in 2008. John McCain was a preening, narcissistic peacock 15 years before he launched this feud with Trump. And yes, he did launch this feud with Trump. McCain started it.

John McCain was honorable to the end.

He wasn’t all bad, but he was one of the Keating Five and his fascist attempt to protect incumbency by criminalizing political speech through the McCain-Feingold Act is the most un-American pieces of legislation passed in the last 50 years. What’s more, his neurotic and narcissistic need to be seen as “honorable” resulted in him suspending his presidential campaign — the single most dumbest thing I have ever witnessed.

How dare you speak the truth about an honorable man!

Tell me what’s honorable about giving your word to voters over the course of a decade about repealing Obamacare and then breaking your word so you can bathe in a news-cycle? What’s honorable about attacking the powerless or planning your own never-ending funeral, a funeral longer than a presidential funeral, and premising it on your own spite? What’s honorable about never letting go of grudges? What’s honorable about trying to make Hillary Clinton president by spreading a dossier filled with lies to your pals in the media? McCain is dead, yes, but he died a petty, grasping, dishonest, backstabbing old man.

As if Trump is perfect.

As if you freaks demand I say he is.

You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.

Don’t force me to by demanding I swallow your lies.

We should end this debate on common ground.

Meghan McCain is a horrible person.

I’ll drink to that.

You see what’s happening? Corporate power is not arguing with us, is not debating us… which would be fine. Rather, these fascist corporations are creating actual “thoughtcrimes,” not only by criminalizing certain beliefs and opinions, but the belief in something scientifically true.

Men cannot become women.

Lena Dunham’s naked body is disgusting.

John McCain was not a good man.

Sorry, he just wasn’t.

I don’t like saying that about a dead man, but I won’t be bullied into silence in the face of all these revisionist lies.

Trump has every right to be furious with McCain. Yes, he may be dead, but as Michelle Malkin put it so well, his dishonorable legacy lives through the victims of Obamacare and the phony Russia dossier.

And if the media don’t want to see McCain criticized, they should stop asking Trump about McCain. But the media do keep asking because they know Trump is guilty of thoughtcrime, of not holding the “approved” opinion of McCain, and asking about McCain allows the media to keep punishing that particular thoughtcrime.

It is sick and un-American, to say the least.

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