Warren Survey Seeks Guidance on Top Issues: Guns, Pot, Climate Change, Corruption

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AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) posted a survey on Facebook, requiring people’s email address and zip code, and asked respondents to pick what they think are the most important issues facing the country today. Warren pledged in text accompanying the survey to make “big structural change” in America.

“Our grassroots movement is ready to fight hard and make big, structural change in this country,” the text on the survey read. “We’re going to do this by lifting up everyone’s voices and making this campaign about the priorities of the people — not the powerful special interests.”

“Please take our quick survey to share what issues matter most to you,” the survey text says. 

Here are issues people can choose from in alphabetical order, and a blank space is available for concerns not on the list:

Campaign Finance Reform; Corporate Accountability; Disability Rights; Ending Washington Corruption; Climate Change and the Environment; Green New Deal; Gun Violence Prevention; Health Care; Housing; Immigration; Infrastructure; Jobs, Wages, and the Economy; K-12 Education and Teacher Pay; LGBTQ+ Equality; Marijuana; Medicare and Medicaid; National Security; Nuclear Non-proliferation; Opioid Crisis; Pay Equity; Prescription Drug Costs; Puerto Rico Recovery; Racial Justice; Reproductive Rights; Social Security; Student Loans and College Affordability; Taxing the Wealthy; Universal Child Care’; Veterans and Military Families; Voting Rights; and Wall Street Reform.

The Facebook post states that the ad was paid for by the Warren campaign.

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