Marlow: Tech Monopolies Are Trying to Beat Trump in 2020 by Shutting Down ‘Voices to the Voiceless’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said big technology monopolies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and Wikipedia were attempting to “censor the outlets that might give voices to the voiceless.”

Partial transcript is as follows:

CARLSON: So, what does it mean in practical terms that Wikipedia users can no longer use Breitbart as a citation?

MARLOW: I think in practical terms, what it means is that people who access Wikipedia as a source are only going to get establishment media outlets to source their claims. We know those claims, they treat full-on-hoaxes as fact. They have missed the seminal stories of our time — starting with the immigration crisis, which we started reporting on in conservative media, particularly Breitbart, 2014, 2015. They missed the Brexit narrative. They missed the narrative that the establishment and our media and political classes and the coastal elite losing touch with the working men and women in flyover county. They missed that. They missed the election of Donald Trump, and now —

CARLSON: Not a big thing.

MARLOW: A minor thing they totally air-balled, and now a year-and-a-half, maybe two-and-half years arguably, into the Russia hoax, this is their Jonestown, the media. This is their mass suicide effort. Will it be treated like that? No! Because they are a bubbled elite, and now they treat themselves as if they will always be correct.

CARLSON: What is so interesting is not just that they are evading all responsibility for what they did — for the lies they told and the distortions that really wrecked our foreign policy among other things, but that they are trying to suppress other news outlets which told the truth. How Orwellian is that?

MARLOW: You nailed it here. They are not only suppressing us — and they target you, they target us, they will target just about all of us right of center and who serve a right-of-center audience, not because we are getting things wrong. They’re targeting us because we are getting things right. We got these key stories right, and we will probably get the next key stories right. And they’re doing it in a methodical way. It started with Google kind of toying with the searches, which you have been good at reporting on with Dr. Robert Epstein. Twitter with shadow-banning, which we broke at Breitbart. It was called a hoax at the time, turns out it wasn’t. Facebook had to changed their algorithm because places like Breitbart were dominating. And it goes on. Wikipedia kicking us out, it shows up every time you use Google and Facebook, they rely on Wikipedia. This is methodical, and they will continue to expand this. Microsoft is now in the blacklisting game. They team with this group called NewsGuard, which of course, they sanction all the places that got the Russia hoax wrong, and they treat places like Breitbart and even the Drudge Report as fake news. It is ridiculous. And they will continue. Next its going to be de-banking. They are going to decapitalize people not just with right-of-center world views, they are doing this with people who want a pipeline, want to work in the energy sector, and aren’t woke fascists who want the Green New Deal. It’s insane.

CARLSON: Since free speech is dying and it is not government killing it but big monopolies, sanctioned by government, do you know anyone in government who might be able to save free speech for the republic? Why is nobody doing anything about this?

MARLOW: I don’t know. And that is exactly the question I was hoping you would ask, because I do hope this is the most-powerful audience in all of news, and I think it would be great if the powerful people watching it understand that this is the battle. They are trying to win the 2020 election by shutting down and censoring the outlets that might give voices to the voiceless — the people disenfranchised.

CARLSON: Do you really think you are going to get reelected president if nobody can hear your message?

MARLOW: Absolutely. They see this crystal clear, and that is why they’re trying to shut down you and me.

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