House Democrats to Discuss ‘Establishing a Single-Payer Health Care System’

People rally in favor of single-payer healthcare for all Californians as the US Senate prepares to vote on the Senate GOP health care bill, outside the office of California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, June 27, 2017 in South Gate, California. Rendon announced last week that Senate Bill SB 562 - …

The House Budget Committee will hold a hearing on Wednesday on “components” and “considerations” for “establishing a single-payer health care system.”

House Democrats will hold a hearing this Wednesday on different aspects to consider if America were to create a single-payer healthcare system through legislation such as Medicare for All.

Three members of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) will testify before the committee, including:

  1. Mark Hadley, deputy director of the CBO
  2. Jessica Banthin, deputy assistant director of health for the CBO.
  3. Jeffrey Kling, associate director of economic analysis for the CBO.

The hearing arises as the CBO released a report that a potential transition to Medicare for All could be “complicated, challenging and potentially disruptive.”

The CBO said Medicare for All would entail a “major undertaking that would involve substantial changes” to medical care.

The CBO also suggested that offering universal American health coverage “would significantly increase government spending and require substantial additional government resources.” The non-partisan agency said that total medical spending in a single-payer system “might be higher or lower than under the current system,” depending on how they design the system.

The CBO also suggested that lawmakers should consider how quickly Americans could transition to a new government-run healthcare system and “what would happen to workers in the health insurance industry if private insurance was banned entirely or its role was limited.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), who authored a popular House Medicare for All bill, admitted recently that one million health insurance workers could get “displaced” under Medicare for All.

Unlike Jayapal, not all Democrats want a single-payer healthcare system. Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) said recently that her constituents want “to keep their private health insurance,” not Medicare for All

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