Andrew Cuomo on Ousting Bill de Blasio over Power Outage: ‘That’s Up to the People’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pauses while speaking during a press conference concerning homelessness, February 28, 2017 in New York City.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A seething Sunday editorial in the New York Post called for Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to oust Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio for his absence during a city-wide blackout; however, Cuomo simply said it is up to voters to decide if they want to push de Blasio out of office.

​”I do govern New York City. I govern the state,” the New York Democrat governor said, but he never said he would use his power as governor to suspend or fire the mayor of New York City like the Post suggested in the editorial.

“That’s up to ​… the people of the city of New York​,” he said on Fox 5’s Good Day New York, adding that “New Yorkers are opinionated and they speak their mind and they will make their voice heard.”

Cuomo’s interview comes after the New York Post penned an editorial calling for Mayor Bill de Blasio to step down following massive blackouts in Manhattan and the Upper West Side, saying it is a sign the long-shot Democrat 2020 presidential contender “does not care” about his constituents; rather, he was out campaigning in Iowa.

De Blasio, who is on his third term as New York City’s mayor, is term-limited and cannot run again.

The blackouts in Manhattan and the Upper West Side caused at least 73,000 to lose power on Saturday evening, leaving everything from transit systems to concert halls out of power.

The Con Edison power company warned residents that there could be more to come as weather forecasters predict a heat wave for this coming week.


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