Cher: Trump Only Thinks About Being a Dictator


Far-left pop icon Cher believes that President Donald Trump has his mind set on just two things: getting richer and becoming a dictator.

In a typically incoherent tweet filled with emojis, Cher warned her followers that next year’s elections will be a “[motherfucking] fight.”

“Election Is [motherfucking] Fight. [People] EXPECT trump To Lie,Make [shit] Up On The Spot,Forget 5 Sec Later,Be Cruel,Be Dumb,Not Care,Say Things He Doesn’t Understand,& pull out of his ass for no reason,” she wrote. “ONLY 2 THINGS IN TRUMPS [MIND ARE “WHAT MAKES TRUMP RICHER,& DICTATOR”. HES THUG WITH PHD IN SHOWBIZ.”

Over the past week, the 72-year-old singer has shared and retweeted a range of anti-Trump content, one of which described him as a “baby killer” and declared that there is “no difference between Trump’s concentration camps and the concentration camps of Hitler and the Nazis.”

At one point, Cher accused Trump of being happy to “torture” asylum seekers while forcing them to lie on “concrete, urine, and feces” and leaving them vulnerable to sexual abuse.

The Grammy-winner is well known for her bizarre Twitter rants against Trump and other prominent Republicans. Last month, she fantasized about Trump being “locked in a hot cage with dirty water,” while falsely claiming he planned to put LGBT people in “internment camps” if he won re-election.

Last year, she described the current president as a “cancer ravaging our nation,” but later admitted she had gone “too far” in her use of language.

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