‘President Swalwell’: Corey Lewandowski Mocks Failed Presidential Candidate in Hearing

Corey Lewandowski took a jab at failed presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Tuesday during his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

The comment arose after Swalwell asked Lewandowski to read what he had written down when President Donald Trump wanted a message delivered to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which Lewandowski said could be read by Swalwell.

“Would you like to read it?” Swalwell asked Lewandowski.

“No, you’re welcome to read it,” Lewandowski replied.

Swalwell then asked, “Are you ashamed of the words you wrote down?”

“President Swalwell, I’m very happy of what I’ve written, but you’re welcome to read it if you’d like,” Lewandowski said boldly before the two conitnued back and forth.

Swalwell, whose White House candidacy polled at 0% in multiple national public surveys, became the first Democrat presidential hopeful to pull the plug on his 2020 campaign back in July.

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