Donald Trump on Joe Biden: ‘If You’re a Democrat, You Have Automatic Protection’


President Donald Trump expressed frustration with Democrats, the government, and the establishment media for attacking his staff while giving former Vice President Joe Biden a pass for corruption in Ukraine.

“If you’re a Democrat, you have automatic protection,” Trump said. “That is years and years of people putting in certain people into positions.”

The president spoke about Biden during a press conference in New York City on Wednesday.

Trump pointed to the enormous pressure put on his administration and his staff by Democrats and the media, suggesting that Biden and his family experienced nothing similar.

“When you look at all of the trauma that these fakers have caused, and the press, look, much of the press is not only fake, it is corrupt,” he said. “These stories they write are corrupt. They’re so wrong and they know that.”

Trump said that House Democrats were vicious in their pursuit of his administration.

“When you see little Adam Schiff go out and lie and lie and stand at the mic — smart guy, by the way — stand at the mic and act like he’s so serious, and then he goes into a room with Nadler and they must laugh their asses off,” he said.


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