UK Conservatives Call out BBC’s List of 100 Influential Left-Wing Women: Don’t Look for Candace Owens

Candace Owens Speaking
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Last week the BBC published its annual list of the most inspiring and influential women from around the globe. But conservative women in the United Kingdom called out the media outlet for only focusing on not only left-wing women but controversial figures while leaving out exceptional conservative individuals who hold a different worldview.

The Conservative Woman website posted a blog about the obviously biased list:

If anyone can spot a supporter of an overtly conservative or social conservative cause, please let me know. No doubt many of the women are doing wonderful and courageous things. It’s just that the socially liberal if not downright Leftist and activist bias is unrestrained.

The categories say it all – they include ‘Earth’ and ‘Identity’. The list of 100 women includes two men. Oddly, while one of them identifies as a woman, the other does not. Owl Fisher is an Icelandic transgender activist who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronoun they/them. Will ‘they’ also be on the BBC’s list of ‘100 inspiring and influential men from around the world for 2019’? If not, why not? And isn’t the BBC ‘mis-gendering’ Owl? If the BBC can do so, presumably the rest of us also can relax a bit on this front.

The post includes descriptions of some of the women on the BBC’s list that paint a different picture of these women’s impact.

The post points out the actress Bella Thorne directed her first porn film at 22.

“This is not a list for your daughters,” the post said.

Two young climate change activists also made the list – American Jamie Margolin and Swede Greta Thunberg.

“The future must be de-colonised and re-connected to the ancient wisdom of the Earth we once cherished. Climate change is a man-made problem, which is why women should rule the world,” Margolin said.

“This is not a list to show your sons either,” the Conservative Woman post said.

Thunberg is most likely not being honored for “terrifying millions of children,” the post said, adding that a growing number of young people are now seeking psychiatric help.

And women who are left-wing politicians also made the list, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“But if you are looking for conservative commentator Candace Owens or one of the female Brexit Party MEPs doing wonders to promote the causes of democracy and self-government in Brussels . . . don’t bother trying to find them,” the post said. “They’re not there.”

“Neither is Priti Patel, one of the most, if not the most successful British Asian women of the moment – and the most purposeful Home Secretary of recent times,” the post said.

The Conservative Woman blog concluded by stating an obvious fact about the annual list. The BBC is a left-wing media outlet honoring its own.

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