Watch: Jeffrey Younger’s Friends: 7-Year-Old James Asked to Take Fingernail Polish Off, Calls Himself ‘James’

“Once he came into my house with fingernail polish on, and ran into the house and said ‘please take off this fingernail polish, I want to play with the kids outside’,” Gwenn Zylla, reportedly the fiancée of Jeffrey Younger, told reporters on Thursday.

“He calls himself James,” said Constance Stanton, another person who says she’s a friend of Younger, as she also spoke with reporters outside a Texas courtroom Thursday.

As Breitbart News’ reported:

James is at the center of a high-conflict custody battle between Younger and his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician who reportedly diagnosed James with “gender-dysphoria,” a psychological disorder that is characterized by a child’s “persistent, consistent, and insistent” assertion of “their cross-gender statements and behaviors.”

A jury in Dallas decided Monday against Younger’s attempt to block his ex-wife’s plan to start their seven-year-old son on puberty blockers and ultimately continue with cross-sex hormones in order to facilitate gender transition.

The case has created a firestorm as more evidence is revealing the psychological and physical damage that is done to young children when their parents consent to puberty blockers before the children are capable of understanding the consequences.

A judge ruled Thursday that James’ parents will have joint conservatorship over their son — a decision which includes making medical decisions for him.

Matt Perdie and Zenny Phuong contributed to this article.


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