Tom Steyer: I Will ‘Force’ Towns to Accept New Housing Units

Democrat presidential hopeful Tom Steyer claimed he would “force” American towns to accept new, affordable housing in certain areas while speaking at the Democrat presidential primary debate held in Atlanta, Georgia, at Tyler Perry Studios on Wednesday.

Steyer’s remarks came as he was asked about affordable housing, particularly in his home state of California, which includes Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“When you look at inequality in the United States of America, you have to start with housing,” Steyer claimed. “Where you put your head at night determines so many things about your life. It determines where your kids go to school, it determines the air you breathe, where you shop, how long it takes you to get to work.”

“What we’ve seen in California is as a result of policy,” Steyer continued. “We have millions too few housing units and that effects everybody in California. It starts with a homeless crisis that goes all through the state, but it also includes skyrocketing rents that effect every single working person in the state of California.”

Steyer then claimed he knows “exactly what needs to be done” to address the housing crisis, and discussed the impact on the climate regarding certain liveable locations.

“I understand exactly what needs to be done here, which is why we need to change policy and we need to apply the resources here to make sure that we build, literally. millions of units,” Steyer said. “Where people live has a dramatic impact on climate and sustainability.”

Steyer then claimed that his administration would “force” towns to accept new housing units that are affordable for its residents.

“So, we’re gonna have to direct dollars, we’re gonna have to change policy and make sure that the localities and municipalities who have worked very hard to ensure that there are no new housing units built in their towns that they change that and we’re gonna have to force it,” Steyer added. “Then we’re gonna have to direct federal dollars to make sure that those units are affordable.”

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