Democrat Strategist: Washington Will ‘Freak Out’ if Sanders Nominated

DES MOINES, IOWA - JANUARY 14: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) delivers his closing statement d
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Democrat strategist Andrew Feldman told Hill.TV he believes Washington, DC, will not react well to a Bernie Sanders nomination.

Vermont Senator and avowed “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders has been making waves since the 2016 presidential race, where the DNC appeared to do everything they could — both in front and behind the scenes — to ensure they were not forced to nominate him over establishment darling and failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

Now we are seemingly headed back to the future, as once again leftist elites (including both Clinton and former President Barack Obama) join the media on a campaign to invalidate the hyper-progressive senator’s growing movement.

On Thursday, prominent Democratic strategist Andrew Feldman of Feldman Strategies predicted that even should Sanders manage to overcome the adversity to clinch his party’s nomination, it would not go well. “My biggest fear is that if Bernie gets the nomination, Democrats [will] shoot [themselves] in the foot because we have issues personally with Bernie or whatever the heck it is and we do not come together and beat Donald Trump,” he said.

“If we do that,” he added, “shame on us.”

He is not alone in his skepticism. Even President Donald Trump has paused to note the apparent resistance, tweeting: “Crazy Bernie takes the lead in the Democrat Primaries, but it is looking more and more like the Dems will never allow him to win! Will Sleepy Joe be able to stumble across the finish line?”

Less than two weeks from the pivotal Iowa caucuses, former Vice President Joe “Whywhywhywhywhy” Biden leads his socialist rival by four points, while Sanders is beating him by the same margin in New Hampshire. Even CNN puts Bernie ahead of Joe on a national scale. All that remains to be seen is whether that will matter.


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