Poll: Bernie Sanders Surging Among College Students

CHAPEL HILL, NC - SEPTEMBER 19: Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders cheer during a campaign rally at the campus of the University of Chapel Hill on September 19, 2019 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sanders spoke to college students on the working peoples rights, among fair wage …
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is surging in support among college students, the latest Chegg Election Tracker shows.

Chegg, in partnership with College Pulse, surveys over 1,500 college students every week to gauge their preferences on the current Democrat field. The latest results, for the week of January 8-14, 2020, show Sanders on the rise and maintaining a double-digit lead over his competitors, with 41 percent support — up from 28 percent in late October.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came a full 20 points behind with 21 percent support, demonstrating a 10-point drop from her all-time high of 31 percent in mid-October. That marked the only time in the race that any candidate surpassed Sanders as the favorite among college students.

Andrew Yang (D) came in third place with 12 percent support, and Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden (D) tied for fourth place with eight percent support each. No other candidate garnered more than three percent support.

The three takeaways, per Chegg:

  • Bernie Sanders (41 percent) continues to surge among Democratic college students, reaching his highest level of support yet.
  • Elizabeth Warren’s month-long decline (from 25 percent mid-December) appears to have bottomed out at 21 percent.
  • In the fight for third place, Andrew Yang (12 percent) has broken ahead of Joe Biden (8 percent) and Pete Buttigieg (8 percent).

The tracker’s margin of error is +/- 3 percent.

Sanders’ continued surge coincides with a contentious week with the Massachusetts senator, who has claimed that Sanders told her during a private meeting in 2018 that a woman could not win the presidency. Sanders has vehemently denied the accusation.


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