Exclusive: Trump Supporter Shares Story of Leftists Protesting SF Street Clean Up

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 12: Recycled compostable materials sit on the floor at Sunset Scavenger before being sent to a compost facility May 12, 2009 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom annouced today the city of San Francisco leads the nation with a 72 percent recycling rate. …
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Scott Presler is devoted to two causes: the re-election of President Donald Trump and cleaning up the filth lining the streets of American cities.

Although he is not surprised some people are opposed to the president, he was taken aback when he and 150 others volunteers — some traveling from as far away as Los Angeles and Utah — were verbally assaulted while collected garbage from the streets of San Francisco.

“I never thought I would see the day I’d be protested for picking up trash,” Presler told Breitbart News.

Presler took video footage of the protesters where he was asking them to help with the clean up as they flipped him off and yelled over and over, “Go home bigot.”

Presler told Breitbart News he and his volunteers are only trying to step up and do positive work around the country.

“We’re a movement based on love,” Presler said.

Although Presler and his volunteers collected a total of 105 tons of trash last year in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Newark and Philadelphia, he was shocked at what they found last weekend in San Francisco where 40 construction-size garbage bags were filled over four hours.

“In every other city I’ve never seen the problem of human feces like I did in San Francisco,” Presler said.

Presler said injection needles littered the street and behind a food truck he found human feces, condoms and needles.

“This is how diseases spread,” Presler said.

Presler, who uses the the handle #ThePersistence on Twitter and has almost half a million followers, has made registering voters a priority because he believes people should have a voice, including the homeless people who also line the streets of San Francisco, the home of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

He took the time to talk to some those homeless people, including Osiris, who said he had voted in 2016 and might vote again in 2020 after talking to Pressler.

“I want to empower them by telling them if they don’t vote they won’t have a voice and someone else will,” Pressler said.

He also said his experience with the homeless in the United States have made him a believer in Trump’s America first agenda, including securing the border.

“Here in California we take care of illegal immigrants but not the homeless community,” Presler said, referencing the sanctuary city status of many cities in the state. 

Presler’s clean up cities campaign has, in fact, helped the homeless community. He told Breitbart News that when he and other volunteers cleaned up 50 tons of trash from a homeless encampment in Van Nuys, California people benefited.

Not only has the encampment remained clean long after the effort, it also resulted in five people getting safely off the streets.

“So our work is making a difference,” Presler said.

Presler’s next stop is Saturday in Horsham, Pennsylvania where he will lead voter registration training.


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