Donald Trump Refers to Pete Buttigieg as ‘Howdy Doody’


President Donald said Friday that people told him that Mayor Pete Buttigieg looked like “Howdy Doody,” the famous puppet character from a classic TV show in the 1950s.

Trump acknowledged that few people understood what he was talking about when he referred to Buttigieg as Alfred E. Newman, because they were not “aficionados” of Mad Magazine.

“Nobody knows because you’re all too young, nobody knows who Alfred E. Newman is, it’s Mad Magazine,” he said. “They all said, No. Howdy Doody.”

It appeared that Trump still favored his Mad Magazine reference to Buttigieg.

“See nobody knows who Alfred E. Newman is, only the real aficionados, they’re the ones, and they love it,” he said. But that’s only 15 percent of the crowd. Right? Am I right? Better than Howdy Doody…”

Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh was the first prominent media figure to compare Buttigieg to Howdy Doody in May of last year.

Mayor Pete Looks Like Howdy Doody

Trump said that the former South Bend Mayor failed his city, which was “going to hell.”

“I don’t get the whole thing,” he said. “But he’s not a bad debater, I will say, he’s probably the best up there.”


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