WATCH: Tornado Rips Through Jonesboro, Arkansas

Hayden Mahan via AP, File

A Jonesboro, AR, man, sheltering inside his business, caught footage of a violent Tornado as it raged across a parking lot on Sunday morning.

The tornado raged through Jonesboro, Arkansas, on Sunday, destroying several businesses. While his was spared, the unnamed phone repair service owner met the twister face to face. He recorded the encounter in a video that has gone viral across social media and news outlets.

Other footage of the storm has been circulating the internet, underlining its brutality as it scoured a path across northeast Arkansas.

Approximately half of the damage has been counted by the northeast Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross. So far, more than 50 homes were destroyed, and some 200 residences were damaged. Despite the destruction, only 22 people were injured — with only two requiring hospitalization.

“It appears no lives have been taken,” the Jonesboro mayor said. “That is the good news that we cling to through this devastating event. If I’ve ever witnessed a miracle, this is it.” Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd echoed the sentiment: “Thank God that he was watching out for our citizens of Craighead County and Jonesboro last night,” he said.


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