Pennsylvania ‘Nonessential’ Worker Blasts Gov. Tom Wolf: ‘Why Don’t You Stop Getting Paid?’

A woman frustrated by a state-mandated shutdown of her livelihood turned out for a massive protest on Monday outside the Pennsylvania state capitol.

Denisse Marquez, a licensed esthetician, told Breitbart News she is struggling to pay her bills and support her children because Gov. Tom Wolf has deemed her job “nonessential.”

“Six weeks, no work and no income,” she said.

“Last time I checked, you got a job, you pay taxes — you’re essential,” Marquez said.

“And that’s why I’m over here. I’m pissed off. I’ve got my two kids. We’re not in a communist country, we’re in the United States of America, and I’m here willing to die for my children’s freedom,” she continued as other protesters honked their horns.

Marquez said she’s invested $30,000 in her business, and now she’s at a stand-still due to the stay-at-home order.

“My first time waiting for unemployment and I’m mad, I’m pissed off,” she said.

“Where am I supposed to get money? Six weeks, no pay. And they’re expecting us to be here, what, until July? Get out of here, no,” Marquez said.

If she had the chance to talk directly to the governor, she’d say, “Why don’t you stop getting paid and go six weeks without getting paid? And then let’s see how you like it.”

Marquez praised President Trump’s handling of the crisis as she held a small “Keep America Great” flag and blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“She’s getting paid, what the hell does she care, right?” Marquez said.

“She needs to mind her own business,” she said, adding that Pelosi should pay attention to her “shithole” district in San Francisco.

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