Video–Pennsylvania Mom at Lockdown Protest: It’s ‘My Right to Choose to Work’

A Pennsylvania mom attending the economic shutdown protest in Harrisburg told Breitbart News on Monday that she had to get a babysitter to watch her son so she could continue working during the coronavirus shutdown, stressing that it is her “right to choose to work.”

Elizabeth Bowman told Breitbart News that she works a few days a week at a local business that remains open but explained that she had to get a babysitter to watch her son, which she said is something she is “technically not supposed to do.” She said:

So I have made the choice to go to work and leave my son with a babysitter. … I’ve been doing that even though I’m technically not supposed to. You can’t win either way. Either I quit working and stay at home and don’t know how to make ends meet, or I work and send my son to a babysitter.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So it was my right to choose to work, so I did,” she continued.

Similarly, Bowman, who was not wearing a mask but had one with her, said it is wholly her decision to “decide what goes on my face.”

“I don’t believe it’s going to do anything,” she said, explaining that she wears it as requested at work because she is “not out to cause trouble.”

“But do I believe this is helping anybody? No. I’ve done some studies, and I should have a right to decide what goes on my face,” she said.

She also explained that she believes in taking measures to “keep those at high risk safe,” explaining that she has not seen her mom, who had a stroke, and her father, who is struggling with cancer, in months.

“I don’t go visit them. They stay at home. I believe in keeping them safe. I think that’s super important to keep the loved ones safe who are high risk,” the working mom said.

“I do believe in taking measures to keep those at high risk safe. You can do that. But it’s not necessary to tell citizens what they need to do, what their rights are. That’s not right,” she added.


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