Joe Biden: Coronavirus Chance to Institutionally Change the Way this Economy Functions

Good Luck America / Snapchat

Joe Biden says the coronavirus outbreak is “a chance” to alter the U.S. economy.

On Thursday, “Good Luck America” published part two of its interview with the Democrat frontrunner for president.

“We have to come out of this godawful situation and build an economy that’s fair to everybody,” Biden said.

He claimed on the Snapchat show that “young people are afraid right now” and they’re graduating unable to work and pay off their debts due to the economic crash.

“We have a chance to institutionally change the way this economy functions once we get by this godawful pandemic,” Biden told Peter Hamby.

His idea to “rebuild the economy” is “every new highway is green,” and said there should be tax credits for constructing “green buildings.”

Biden proposed creating a “Public Health Corps.,” where 100,000 young people would “track and trace,” presumably referring to coronavirus contact tracing programs.

He said “prejudice within our system” is the cause for black and Hispanics being more likely to catch the virus.

In part one of the interview, Biden botched Andrew Yang’s name.

Good Luck America / Snapchat

“The latest episode of Here’s the Deal podcast with Andrew Young,” he said, as a picture of Andrew Yang appeared on the screen.

Andrew Young was mayor of Atlanta in the 1980s.

“We’re trying to get better with it,” Biden said of using the Internet, adding he “can’t wait” to get off his back porch.

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