Kimberly Guilfoyle: The Silent Majority ‘Will Not be Silenced’ in November

Kimberly Guilfoyle speaks at a rally supporting President Donald Trump Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)
Rick Scuteri/AP Photo

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the national finance chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight on Tuesday, where she discussed fundraising efforts for the reelection of President Donald Trump.

“I serve at the pleasure of the president and the American people,” Guilfoyle told host Matthew Boyle. “The president has engaged and ignited the base like never before because he made sure that the forgotten men and women are included and participatory in everyday life and politics. That’s what we’ve done in terms of our fundraising capacity.”

“Our average donation is $38 from hardworking men and women across this country,” Guilfoyle explained. “They want to make sure that he has four more years. He said to them, ‘Forgotten men and women no more. I represent you. I hear you.’ That’s what I love. We have a fully operational grassroots bundling program on behalf of the president, and I love it. They don’t see it coming just like they didn’t learn from the lessons in 2016, and they’re going to repeat the same mistakes. We have so many Americans, hardworking Americans, engaged on behalf of the president to actually say, ‘Hey, I have a few extra dollars because of President Trump and the robust economy that he’s created prior to all of this pandemic, all of the above, to make sure that we actually are participatory in American politics,’ because they want to make sure that their children and the next generation going forward have a voice, have a say, have a place in American history to make sure that we represent the values that we hold dear, that our founding fathers fought for, that our military has fought for. … That’s why I stand for President Trump.”

“President Trump represents the everyday American fighting and striving for the American dream,” Guilfoyle said. “You are either lovers of liberty and freedom or you are not. It’s very binary to me.”

“You’re either on our team, or you’re not,” Guilfoyle added. “President Trump is leading the way for future generations of Americans, for an America first agenda, for American exceptionalism. We will not take a knee to other countries that want to destroy us. We will not subsidize state sponsors of terrorism or people who want to do us ill.  We won’t have it.”

Guilfoyle concluded the interview by outlining the immense support for Trump around the country.

“We abhor the fake news media,” Guilfoyle stated. “We will not stand for these people who are no good towards the country and only their ill will. We have a nationwide network of donors across the country that love the president and they are volunteers. They could be doing anything else with their time, but instead, they choose to invest in this country and the president.”

“It’s about the network, not the net worth,” Guilfoyle said in regards to a November victory. “The silent majority that you saw stand up and roar for the president in 2016 will not be silenced. They are gonna show up. We’re not about these fake news polls.”

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