Protesters March Through Upscale D.C. Residential Area, Banging Pots and Signs Shouting ‘Wake Up!’

Protesters raise a fist during a march on June 10, 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, western Germ

Protesters in Washington, DC, marched late at night through an upscale residential area on Saturday, according to videos posted on Twitter.

The protesters walked through Georgetown, a neighborhood known for its expensive homes, banging pots and other items, sounding loud sirens, and shouting, “Wake up,” “Get up,” and “Black Lives Matter” on megaphones, according to video posted by Raws Media.

A few residents stood on their doorsteps, appearing to show support. Another resident peered out of an upstairs window as a protester shone a flashlight on the person:

The protesters also hit stop signs to create more noise.

Protesters carried a giant “DEFUND DISARM DISBAND” banner.

They also blocked streets in the Georgetown shopping and restaurant areas, according to other videos.

Later, protesters marched in streets near Dupont Circle, chanting “ACAB,” which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, have also begun to target residential areas in recent days, after months of clashes with federal and state police over federal buildings, according to videos posted by journalist Andy Ngo.

According the videos posted by Ngo, protesters in residential areas shone flashlights on anyone looking out their windows and yelled, “We’re gonna burn your building down,” and “We know where you live.”

Ngo tweeted, “As #antifa have taken to Portland residential areas to riot, they’ve also assaulted & intimidated residents there. Tonight, they threatened those who looked out the window. #PortlandRiots”:

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