Watch: DNC’s Virtual Crowd Applauding Kamala Harris Includes 3 Duplicated Video Feeds

Source: 2020 Democratic National Convention / YouTube

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) was caught duplicating videos of supporters applauding Kamala Harris in a video wall on Wednesday night.

Supporters applauding virtually from their living rooms have been a staple of the DNC throughout the week.

The camera panned over the empty room, with the exception of motionless reporters sprinkled across the floor. It swept to the video wall, which featured exclusively women applauding Harris.

But eagle-eyed viewers caught three instances of duplicated fans in the 30 spaces:

One woman appeared in two boxes separated by a single column. Another one was sporting a pink “pussyhat” in a duplicated feed.

Harris waved at the screen as the women waved back.

Joe Biden then joined Harris on the stage and the two stood at least 10 feet apart.

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