WATCH: Black Lives Matter Agitators Harass Black McDonald’s Manager

McDonalds Manager

A Black Lives Matter protester harassed a black store manager at a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh, PA, after he and his group of masked leftists stormed the restaurant while shouting chants through bullhorns.

Video journalist Ed Thompson shared video of the event via Twitter on Sunday. Human Events’ Ian Miles Cheong shared the video and wrote, “Black Lives Matter protesters assaulted a black store manager in Pittsburgh, PA after mobbing his McDonald’s.”


One of the Black Lives Matter agitators led a chant, asking his group, ‘Who did this?’, to which the group responds, “Activists!”.

One of the protesters shouted at the McDonald’s manager through a bullhorn while approaching him. The manager yelled, “Don’t touch me!” The manager and protester began lightly wrestling with one another.

Moments later, a female protester with purple braids begins shouting at what appears to be a restaurant patron. “Don’t you ever f***ing push me,” she yelled. “Get the f*** out of here! Bitch!”.

Black Lives Matter leftists in Pittsburgh recently harassed a group of diner, including an elderly couple outside a restaurant.

“F*** 12 and f*** the white people that built the system set against mine,” one man says, taunting the couple, Breitbart News reported. One woman protester with a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” t-shirt walks over and takes a drink from the couple’s table and drinks it in front of them. Another protester tips over a glass that shatters on the sidewalk.


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