Christian Pastors Launch 40-Day Prayer Crusade for ‘Racial Harmony’

People bow their heads in prayer during a Sunday evening service at Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, on January 17, 2016. The young evangelical Christians at Liberty University in Virginia are facing a dilemma this election season: whether to follow in the footsteps of their parents and back …

Pastors James and Sharon Ward of Kenosha (WI) have launched a 40-day crusade of prayer and fasting to heal America’s racial wounds and restore relations between black Americans and police officers, Sovereign Global Solutions announced Thursday.

“As we approach the next election, we must remember that our society is governed by spiritual and moral law, and not just civil law,” the pastors insist. “Civil law alone has failed to produce the necessary racial harmony between Blacks and Whites in America.”

“Because of this, we invite you to join us in 40 Days of Humility, Prayer, and Fasting before God on behalf of our nation,” they state.

In early September, President Donald Trump visited Kenosha and spoke with Rev. James E. Ward Jr., the pastor for Blake Jr.’s mother, Julia Jackson, and Ward’s wife Sharon.

Pastor Ward told Mr. Trump that the nation needed a revival of “spiritual law” and prayer to come back together after recent divisions.

The prayer campaign highlights six specific requests, the first of which is prayer for healing for black people that are hurting in America, noting that “protests, violence, looting, and rioting are all expressions of pain and discomfort that must be acknowledged and remedied.”

Second, the pastors urge prayer to improve relations between black Americans and police officers, arguing that a “ceasefire” is in order.

“We don’t want to see any more Black people beaten or shot, or police officers beaten or shot,” they declare.

The pastors also call for prayers against the spirits of fear, anxiety, and depression across America as well as for America to push the “Racial Reset Button” and move toward “a society characterized by love, respect, and forgiveness in Christ toward each other,” in the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a fifth intention, the pastor urge prayers for “the restoration and strength of the nuclear family,” just as radical leftist groups like Black Lives Matter try to tear this fundamental institution apart.

“Families are the foundational building blocks of a healthy society. God’s blessing on a nation begins with His blessing in the home,” the pastors insist.

Finally, the pastors call for prayers for the hearts of people in America to humbly come to faith in God, declaring their hope to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ freely proclaimed, inviting all people into the love of God.

“It is our hope that America will once again be known as one nation under God,” they state.


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