Donald Trump: Joe Biden the ‘Most Unhappy Warrior’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivers remarks after meeting with Pennsylvania families who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act on June 25, 2020 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. - Biden has largely remained off the campaign trail and in his Delaware home since mid-March due to the pandemic, although he has …
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump mocked former Vice President Joe Biden as an “unhappy warrior” Sunday at a campaign rally in Iowa.

“He is the most unhappy warrior, I’ve ever seen, did you ever see it?” Trump asked. “He’s agitated you know, he’s just angry and agitated and he doesn’t want to be there.”

Last week, Biden referred to Trump supporters appearing at his campaign rally in Minnesota as “ugly folks.”

Trump said that Biden’s campaign speeches were short, even the few remaining days until the election.

“I didn’t watch much of Biden’s speech, he made a little speech, little tiny, he does very short speeches,” Trump said. “Very short. Like the shortest speeches I’ve ever seen actually.”

Trump joked that Biden was looking forward to returning to his home in Delaware.

“He just wants to go home to the basement, he doesn’t want to be there,” Trump said.

Earlier Sunday, Trump also mocked Biden’s small crowds at his drive-in rallies and the former vice president’s temperament.

“He was very agitated, right? See him just ‘ARGARRAH,'” Trump said, imitating Biden growling. “And then he’d have like two cars, ‘Honk. Honk!”

The president also referred to tightening polls in battleground states in favor of Trump, particularly in a weekend poll published in the Des Moines Register. 

“Now he’s starting to lose in the polls and it’s driving him crazy,” Trump said. “So what does he do? He brings in Barack Hussein Obama and you know what happened to his attendance? It went down. His attendance went down!”


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