***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Georgia Rally for Sens. Loeffler, Perdue

GASTONIA, NC - OCTOBER 21: President Donald Trump makes remarks to a crowd of several thousand rally goers at Gastonia Municipal Airport on October 21, 2020 in Gastonia, North Carolina. Polls in North Carolina show republicans not carrying the state 12 days before the election. (Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty …
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President Donald Trump will hold a Saturday evening rally in Valdosta, Georgia, for GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue ahead of next month’s critical run-off elections that will determine control of the U.S. Senate.

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9:01 PM: Trump says our fight to drain the Washington Swamp and reclaim our destiny has just begun. “We will never, ever surrender,” Trump says.

8:58 PM: Trump says everything they have achieved is on the line on January 5th and talks about the right to bear arms and religious liberty.

8:55 PM: Trump says he has built the greatest political movement in history over the last four  years and he doesn’t want others to “rip it apart” after talking about his ally Ronna McDaniel being back at the RNC. Trump now listing off all of his accomplishments like he did during his campaign rallies. No new material.

8:50 PM: Trump asks supporters to vote in the runoff to show the radical left that they don’t surrender. Trump talks about winning back the White House in 2024 and says hopefully he won’t have to be a candidate again.

Trump now praises Doug Collins and asks if he wants to run for governor of Georgia in two years.

8:48 PM: Trump says Democrats are trying to take away the country and says “we’re going to be watching… every element of what they do” on January 5th and will watch the runoff election more closely than any election in history.

8:46 PM: Trump talking about glitches that went in favor of Biden. He says the left lies, cheats, and steals and are “ruthless” and “hellbent on getting power.” Trump says the left beats you down, shuts you up, and makes you retreat.

8:45 PM: Trump airing grievances about vote dumps in the middle of the night and wee hours in the morning in Midwestern states.

8:31 PM: Trump says Democrats can only win the Georgia runoff if they cheat. Trump says nobody cheats better than Democrats. Trump says “we have to hold the line” in Georgia and says Georgians need to register to vote before Monday.

He says Voter ID laws need to be passed after the runoff along with citizen confirmation.

8:30 PM: Trump asks Perder and Loeffler to come up and say a few words. Loeffler says Trump made America great again because he put America first. She says Trump created the strongest economy because he put the American worker first while standing up to cancel culture, Big Tech, China. Crowd chants “fight for Trump” as Perdue speaks.

Trump now talking about voter fraud in Georgia. He says he is deeply disturbed by the lying and cheating and he says Democrats will have dead people, illegal aliens, and people from out of state voting.

8:19 PM: Trump praises Loeffler for “standing up to the marxists” when law enforcement officials were attacked. He says she also introduced legislation to block gun-grabbing Democrats like Beto O’Rourke. Trump says Warnock has called police officers gangsters and wants to abolish cash bail.

“This is not for Georgia,” Trump says. He says Warnock should move to another state and try again. He hits Warnock for also being “anti-Israel.” Video plays of “dangerous” Warnock and his past statements, reminding voters he even defended Reverend “God Damn America” Wright.

8:15 PM: Trump says Ossoff is a “radical zealot” who supports “defunding the police” and the “Green New Deal” that Trump says will cost $100 trillion. He says Ossoff supports a government takeover of health care and nationwide lockdowns. He says Ossoff will be a “complete tool” of the radical left and their donors.

Trump then lets it slip that he raised $250 million dollars in the last couple of weeks.

8:07 PM: Trump talking up the brilliance of “America first” and he wonders how people can say they are opposed to “America first.” Trump now back to listing the accomplishments of Perdue and Loeffler.

8:06 PM: Trump says the happiest people right now are the Chinese and the Iranians because he lost.

8:03 PM: Trump says the “radical left” will win if Georgians don’t vote in protest.

“If you don’t vote, the socialists and the communists win,” Trump says.

8:02 PM: Trump now says he calls it “fake news” and “suppression news.” Trump says his attacks on Hunter Biden were hurting Joe Biden so Big Tech and the media decided, “under no circumstances will we ever talk about him again.”

He says it’s hard to have a scandal when nobody talks about it.

8:00 PM: Trump says Democrats want to take away borders and freedom and even Christmas as Melania looks on…. He says he has to be careful when he is “sarcastic.”

7:58 PM: Trump says the Georgia Senate seats are the “last line of defense” against all that his administration accomplished.

7:56 PM: Trump now talking about how experts said he was going to lose Texas and he won the state big. He says these are “suppression polls.”

7:53 PM: Trump talks up the Dow Jones and breaking “30,000, a number that was unthinkable.” Trump says states and cities should open up.

7:52 PM: Trump again warning Democrats will end the filibuster the first day they Chuck Schumer becomes majority leader. He now talks about the great justices he has appointed to the Supreme Court and the 300 judges he has appointed to the federal bench.

7:50 PM: Trump says the extreme left will pack the Supreme Court with “24 radical justices.” He says they want them to “revolve up and down the court system.” Trump says they want to “hurt the Supreme Court and they want to hurt it badly.”

7:45 PM: Trump says Democrats will open voters and give illegal immigrants free health care and welfare and allow them to vote so Republicans never win another election. He says they will also take down the wall, which Trump says he built despite…having Democrats oppose him. Trump says Democrats want sanctuary cities across the nation and release criminals and MS-13 gangsters. Trump says he has removed thousands out of the country.

Trump says Democrats will confiscate privately-owned firearms. He says they will also “cut up” the Second Amendment and will make D.C. a state. He says Democrats want six more senators and 40 House members from places you have never heard of. He says they will vote against Georgia and “cancel out your voice.”

7:42 PM: Trump rips “cryin’ Chuck Schumer” and says Democrats have been investigating him since he came down the escalator. Trump says if Democrats win Georgia, Democrats will take over farms and radical Democrats will abolish the Senate filibuster and ram through the most left-wing agenda while destroying our military through lack of funding. He says tell Senators to end Section 230. He says that’s the only thing Big Tech fears.

7:38 PM: Trump claims Georgia’s governor and secretary of state are afraid of Stacey Abrams. Trump now talking about getting to know a lot of legislators and having some in his “pocket” as he pulls out a list. Trump now asking for signature verification before name-checking more legislators.

7:37 PM: Trump says he won all over the place except in swing states. He claims the election was rigged and says we can’t let it happen to Loeffler, Perdue.  Trump now claiming “hundreds of thousands” of illegal votes were cast and poll watchers were thrown out.

7:35 PM: Trump talks about receiving the highest percentage of non-white votes for a Republican since the 1960s. He talks about winning 18 of 19 bellwether counties. Trump wonders how Joe Biden got 80 million votes but only gets 1,000 people online to watch his Thanksgiving address.

7:31 PM: Trump says he got the most votes for a sitting U.S. president and insists he didn’t lose. He says they found a lot more ballots. Trump says he received most votes than any other incumbent in history and “we lost.”

7:27 PM: Trump says he is here to ensure that Loeffer, Perdue win the most important election runoff in American history.

Trump says you have to make sure Georgia’s governor “gets a lot tougher” and he says people have to make sure votes are counted and ballots aren’t thrown away.

He talks about the importance of Senate committees and Georgians will decide whether their children will grow up under socialism or freedom. He says Democrats want to go further than socialism and usher in a “communistic” type of system.

He says Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are the two most radical candidates. Trump says they rigged the presidential election and insists he is still going to win it. He says they are going to try and rig the runoff.

“We continue to fight,” Trump says. “We’ve had some great moments.”

7:25 PM: Melania introduces Trump. Crowd chants “four more years.” Trump claims he won Georgia and “lots of other places.” Trump talks about being five down in Florida and winning by “a lot.” Trump says this has to be the first time someone lost the election after winning Florida and Ohio before saying he’s still fighting. He talks about numbers coming out of “ceilings and leather bags” that makes you wonder what’s going on. He says he’s thrilled to be back in Georgia and wishes everyone “Merry Christmas.”

Trump sends along prayers to Loeffler’s staffer who passed away in a car accident yesterday.

He also expresses warmest wishes to people suffering from COVID before talking about the vaccine. He says even some of his “enemies” are calling it a “medical miracle.” He says his administration should “always get credit” for the vaccine.

7:20 PM: Melania Trump thanks the crowd for coming out to support Trump, and she says “we must keep our seats in the Senate.” She says it is more important than ever for Georgians to exercise their right to vote in the runoff.

7:15 PM: President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump get off Air Force One. Rally about to get started. “Defund Democracy” signs in the crowd.

7:05 PM: Loud cheers for Air Force One. Rally should be starting shortly.

6:45 PM: Enthusiastic crowd as usual.


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