Trump Vows to Campaign Against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger

President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally for Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., and David Perdue, at Dalton Regional Airport, Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, in Dalton, Ga. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump savaged Georgia Republicans Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger at a political rally on Monday.

“I’m going to be here in a year and a half and I’m going to be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state, that I can tell you,” Trump said.

Raffensberger and Kemp are up for reelection in 2022 if they choose to run.

The president spoke about Kemp and Raffensperger after several weeks of contentious conversations with them about the voting tallies in Georgia.

“Your governor and your secretary of state, they’re petrified of Stacey Abrams. What’s that all about?” Trump asked.

Trump questioned their loyalty, noting that they refused to revisit or scrutinize the balloting process for the 2020 presidential election in the state of Georgia.

“I don’t know. They say they’re Republicans, I really don’t think they are. They can’t be,” Trump said.

Audio of a phone call between Raffensperger and Trump was leaked to The Washington Post on Sunday after the president berated the secretary of State on Saturday for refusing to revisit and scrutinize 2020 ballots in the state.

Trump joked that he did not want the news to get out.

“I shouldn’t say this because I just don’t want you to tell anybody outside of this room,” Trump said.

The president continued to praise both Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler as “fighters” who deserve reelection.

“I don’t do rallies for other people. I do them for me,” he said, adding, “I wouldn’t do it unless I loved them both.”


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