Nolte: The Narcissistic Cult of Woke Has Taken Over the CIA

CIA Recruitment
Humans of CIA/YouTube

The CIA released a recruitment video in March that’s just starting to receive some much-needed attention. The video proves the CIA not only kneels in fealty before the Cult of Woke, it also proves the CIA is hiring and actively looking to recruit the most immodest, narcissistic, grotesquely self-serving people in the world — Woke Millennials.

Watch this obscenely pompous piece of garbage, and while you do, see if you can catch the one word that is not used:

The video plays like a Saturday Night Live spoof (if Saturday Night Live wasn’t itself infected with woke), but it’s not a spoof. This sits proudly on the CIA’s verified YouTube page with the hashtags #KnowYourValue and WomenInIntel.

The recruitment video features a preening, unnamed narcissist who literally struts around preaching about how awesome she is, how proud she is of herself, not because of her accomplishments, but because of something she has no control over — her identity, her race, gender, her sexuality (cisgender), and even — get this — her “generalized anxiety disorder.”

“I am unapologetically me,” she says, “and I want you to be unapologetically you.”

Yeah, I’m sure an unapologetic white, Christian, male, Trump supporter who unapologetically LOL’s at pompous woketards being true to himself would go over real well.

But did you notice the one word this disgusting CIA officer did not use…?

Not once did she use the word American.

She’s gushing with self-pride over everything about her identity, but not once does she say “I am an American.”

This is not a fluke… Check this one out, especially the jacket.

Listen, I don’t care if the CIA hires blind lesbians, I don’t care if the CIA hires Hispanic women; I’m married to one… I don’t who the CIA hires as long as that person is qualified as hell for the job…

But both of these people, especially the first one, come off as nervous neurotics, as emotionally fragile and wildly insecure. That might be okay for a receptionist’s job, but I’d prefer my CIA officers not have anxiety disorders mixed with a toxic case of narcissism and self-regard that’s right off the charts.

Confidence is good. Confidence is important. This isn’t confidence. It’s a sick form of empty self-worship.

“I’m proud of myself. Full stop,” she says.

Who talks like that? Who believes that?

Am I proud of myself? Sometimes. Sometimes I’m not so proud of myself. There’s no “full stop” in either case, but that’s because I’m a grounded, self-aware adult who knows he’s far from perfect and not an insecure peacock who believes my “identity” defines a single thing about me.

If I ran a Popsicle stand, I wouldn’t want Woketard Millennials working for me, but the CIA — the CIA!! — is openly recruiting these emotionally unstable, arrogant, empty-headed, bitterly angry, shallow monsters.

China must be thrilled.

If I were looking to turn someone it would be someone just like this, someone arrogant and insecure, someone who believes they “know their value” and who’s so insecure they ooze self-regard. From my experience, there’s a big hole in people like that and whoever fills it, wins their (temporary) loyalty.


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