Survey: 2020 Election Results Will Not Matter in the Midterm Election

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The Bulwark, an “anti-Trump” website for conservative news, released a survey that showed how Trump-to-Biden swing voters would vote in the midterm elections based on attack ads talking about the 2020 election results.

The survey asked 13 Trump-to-Biden swing voters in two focus groups who they would vote for, the Democrat or the Republican candidate, in an ad-based scenario. An overwhelming majority of them said they would vote for the Republican in this case.

The article outlined the scenario for the swing voters:

It’s October 2022 and a Democratic congressional candidate is running ads showing the Republican candidate questioning whether Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election. The Republican candidate, meanwhile, is running ads talking about the problems happening on Biden’s and the Democrats’ watch: inflation, unemployment, crime, the southern border, etc.

After the swing voters were given the context of the scenario, the two Democrats, six Republicans, and five independents from the most competitive 2020 swing states were asked what candidate would they choose, the Republican or Democrat.

Overall, according to the survey, 10 of the 13 “basically said they’d vote for the Republican candidate in that scenario.”

“I tend to vote based on the issues, and if the information this Republican is presenting is factually accurate, and the economy is tanking, and we have all these other issues, then the Democrats aren’t working out,” said Holly, one of the Democrats respondents. “Let’s vote differently.”

Another respondent, David, an independent, has agreed with Holly. David said, “If that’s the only thing the Democratic candidate is running on, I’m going to vote against him.” David also mentioned, “He’s got to have some type of substance to be running, rather than just what the other guy said.”

The survey also found that 10 of the 13 respondents “generally support the creation of a formal commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol.” The majority of the ten said they agree with the opinion from Kelli, a Republican.

Kelli said, “I want to know who, why, how, what. And then anyone responsible needs to be held accountable, because how are we supposed to stop these things from happening again in the future if we don’t have more information?”

The survey added the voters did settle on asking Congress to create some type of “January 6 commission, so nothing like this happens again.”

They add, “if you Congressional Republicans remain squarely focused on present day concerns—no matter what you said about 2020—we’ll consider voting for you in 2022 if Democrats appear obsessed with the past.”


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